King Corporate Website

Work completed at MerchantCantos in 2013/14

Yes I designed the corporate website for the company that makes the potentially most addictive/annoying game of all time…


Ahead of the announcement of their IPO in mid February we were approached just before Christmas 2013 to design and develop a new corporate website that had to capture the friendly feel and playful look of the company and brand whilst demonstrating a maturing company for potential investors and media. The project was briefed by the client as fluid responsive. King also required a photoshoot of their directors and offices in both London and Sweden.


The client was extremely keen to use lots of their game graphics in the design. But due to the personas of the site we advised that they should be used in a minimal fashion as if we used too many it may have come across as childish.


As the turnaround for this website was reasonably fast the concept of the website was more technically based than design. The concept was to create a flexible and modular site that allowed the client to highlight content as they saw fit.

King were keen to showcase they’re games and we worked closely with a design team from King in Sweden to come up with suitable graphics that we could use.




King required a board shoot and shots of their offices in offices in Sweden and London. The photographer Hannah Smiles and I spent 2 days in total at King’s offices shooting both board photos and office shots with myself doing the art directing.


The Future

Now King has floated on the NASDAQ the site is being fleshed out into a full corporate website.

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